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Various Artists – Concerts for a Landmine-Free World


Ever since the first Farm Aid concert, musical extravaganzas for worthy causes have become standard fare. Concerts for a Landmine-Free World is different from the usual star-studded gangbang because it features roots-oriented artists. The biggest “celebrity” (more…)

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Kombo – Cookin’ out


Kombo is Ron Pedley on keyboards, and Jon Pondel on guitars. They’ve got lots of great help too, with guys like Steve Ferrone, Matt Bissonette, and Sharon Hendrix. The music is the same kind you might hear on smooth jazz radio, but (more…)

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Jim Weider

A Big Step with Big Foot

If you know of Jim Weider, it’s likely from his work with The Band. He took over the post held by Robbie Robertson when Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel reformed in (more…)

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Woody Mann and Bob Brozman – Get Together


From the opening notes of Mann’s fretted guitar and Brozman’s slide work, you can’t help but be captivated. Mann is known for his roots and blues fingerpicking on a variety of albums, method videos, and transcription books. Brozman is a musical polyglot most famous (more…)

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Ritchie Blackmore

Return to the Rainbow

Wanna read all about personality clashes within the legendary rock band Deep Purple, or about the temperament of guitarist Ritchie Blackmore??? Well, try to find those stories in the backissues of various and sundry sanctimonious, pusillanimous “rock journals,” because you won’t (more…)

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Al Di Meola – Anthology


Al Di Meola needs no introduction, and most of the music on this fine two-CD collection will be familiar to most guitarists as well. The only question is What’s new? The 20 tracks here cover Di Meola’s recording career on Columbia, from Casino to Elegant Gypsy, (more…)

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Redd Volkaert – No Stranger to a Tele


Anybody who’s paid any attention to guitarists in the past decade or so won’t be too surprised when I say what a nice album this is. Redd, as many of you probably already know, is a genial-looking (more…)

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The Rosenberg Trio – Sueos Gitanos


It’s tough being a child prodigy. In the world of Gypsy Jazz, many a child prodigy has followed in the footsteps of Django Reinhardt: Boulou Ferré, Bireli Lagrene, Fapy Lafertin, Jimmy and Stochelo Rosenberg, and there are surely more to come. Winning (more…)

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Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Reissue

Nice reissue, aging optional

The Gibson Les Paul. Four words. Sixteen letters. Major guitar history. No, it wasn’t the first electric guitar. Nor was it the first solidbody electric. But when the model was introduced in 1952, it was the (more…)

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John Mayall and Friends – Along For the Ride


John Mayall (VG, July ’98) has been doing it for so long it seems he has always been there. And he has. In a career that has lasted nearly 40 years and produced almost 50 albums (not including compilations, of (more…)

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