Classic Instruments

Classic Instruments

Wolf Strat

WHO IS LIL’ BILL? That was the question swirling through the mind of guitarist/collector Tom Guerra after he acquired a 1963 Fender Stratocaster from...

Soldier’s Story

Through blood, dirt, rain, and all other forms of hell in the trenches of World War I, U.S. Army Private Ben Miller witnessed the...

Fender’s “First-Gen” Strat

The Fender Stratocaster is arguably the most popular electric guitar model in the world. From the time of its introduction in 1954, no other...

Maestro Rover R0-1

To record “Little Wing,” Jimi Hendrix plugged his Stratocaster into his usual amplifier, then did the unthinkable; he ran guitar signal into an organ...
The Art of Home Recording - Microphones and Their Uses

Microphones and Their Uses

The means to make high-quality home recordings are well within the grasp of every guitarists. But, they can only as good as what you put in. We dig into the most essential piece of gear outside the recording system itself – the microphone.

Recording Electric Guitars

The process might seem simple - stick mic in front of amp, press "Record." Truth is, though, that even just one guitar and amp can render results that vary greatly. Here's a walk-through.
Saga of Ted Newman Jones

A Guitar for Mr. Richards

For anyone who visited the tiny workshop inhabited by guitar builder Ted Newman Jones in the 1970s and ’80s, two things were obvious –...
Fender Blender

The Fender Blender

When Robin Trower segued from his wah-driven blues-rock riffing into the slowed, deep-blues groove of the second half of his ’74 anthem “Too Rolling...
1978 Steinberger Prototype Bass

1978 Steinberger Prototype Bass

When introduced commercially in 1979, the Steinberger bass was a truly revolutionary instrument employing graphite construction and a minimalist artistic concept in its design....
1963 Fender Twin Reverb Prototype

1963 Fender Twin Reverb Prototype

The Twin has long been the flagship of Fender’s high-wattage amp lineup, and it achieved/retained that status through several iterations in the company’s formative...
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