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    A Tribute to Terje Rypdal

    Check it out as Hedvig Mollestad Thomassen, Reine Fiske, Gard Nilssen, Stale Storlakken, and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten play “Icing,” from Sky Music: A Tribute to Terje Rypdal, one of the feature reviews in the December issue of Vintage Guitar. READ NOW!!

    Rob Lamothe of The Riverdogs

    The Riverdogs’ Rob Lamothe plays “When the Mic Drops” then reveals the gear he and Vivian Campbell used to record the band’s new album, “California.” Read our exclusive review in the December issue of Vintage Guitar. Click the “Hit List” link at the Bottom of the cover and READ NOW!!

    Redd Volkaert Pays Homage to Charlie Prichard

    Watch Redd Volkaert and his Fender Tele pay homage to the late Charlie Prichard, who helped Redd get rolling professionally when he moved to Austin nearly 20 years ago. Be sure to read Dan Forte’s remembrance of Prichard in the December issue of Vintage Guitar! READ NOW!!

    From the origins of country-rock to Jimmy Page, Metallica, and a slew of modern country-pickin’ wizards, the string bender lends unique sounds to any form of music by giving players an “extra hand.”

    Vintage Visionary

    The First Golden Age of Ibanez 1973-1982

    Thirty-Five years ago, Ibanez was a scrappy upstart guitar company that dared to challenge the big boys at Gibson and Fender. Today, is a dominant force in the guitar universe. • Ibanez was – and still is – a brand of Hoshino, a Japanese company with a U.S. headquarters in Philadelphia. In the mid ’70s,

    Nancy Wilson

    Beautifully Unbroken

    Responsible for guitar-laden classics such as “Crazy On You,” “Love Alive,” and “Devil Delight,” Nancy Wilson has been inspiring musicians for decades. Nancy and her sister, Ann, have churned out one well-crafted Heart record after another, followed by successful tours. This summer, they released a new album, Beautiful Broken and followed with the Rock Hall

    Five Classic Amps

    Five Classic Amps

    A Tone-Spotter’s Arsenal To Cover It All

    When it comes to classic guitar tones – whether it’s blues through a Dumble, country through a Fender, rock through a Marshall, or jazz through a Roland – every player knows there’s a magical potion concocted of guitars, amps, and fingers. But, is it possible to cover the sonic spectrum of all genres with just

    Mack Atomsmasher DB-40

    Super Dynamics

    What do you get when you have a rockin’ pair of 12AX7 tubes and a pair of EL34 power tubes? You get the tonal core of the new Mack tube head, the Atomsmasher DB-40. Bearing the initials of Canadian rocker David Barrett, this mid-power boutique head is built to deliver tone and responsiveness. The DB-40

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Live From The Fox Oakland
    All The Way Live

    Live albums can be a remedy for contract disputes or a way to stall for time during a creative dry spell. For Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, it’s really the best way to be heard on a recording. Live is their natural habitat. When they’re feeding off each other and the raw energy of an


    Jordan Boss Tone

    Little Fuzz with the Big Buzz

    In the august and revered Hall of Fame of Fuzz, the Jordan Boss Tone deserves a prominent pedestal. Perhaps it should be in a cabinet of cute curiosities. Or maybe it’s as a memento mori, an example of a dead end in the search for overdriven guitar tone bliss. Either way, there should be a

    Paco de Lucia

    Paco de Lucia


    Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia died February 26 after suffering a heart attack in Cancun, Mexico. He was 66. In the U.S., de Lucia was best known for his collaborations with jazz-rockers like John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Larry Coryell, and Al Di Meola, with whom he recorded “Mediterranean Sundance” in 1977. This seminal recording

    Flamin’ Groovies

    Live 1971 San Francisco

    Flamin’ Groovies are best known for the ’76 power-pop gem “Shake Some Action,” but this show – recorded five years earlier at the final Fillmore West concerts – couldn’t be more different. It’s blunt three-chord rock, somewhere between the Seeds, MC5, and the Rolling Stones. The live tape’s audio fidelity is lo-fi and raw, but

    Dobro Model 27

    Brother Oswald's Dobro - Country Music History Maker

    The melodic, evocative warbling of a resonator guitar has for decades been a fixture in country music, and knowledgeable fans will tell you there’s one primary individual to thank for it – Pete “Bashful Brother Oswald” Kirby. Kirby was born in Sevierville, Tennessee, in 1911. His introduction to the resonator occurred circa 1929, thanks to

    Alex Masi

    Alex Masi

    Danger Zone

    Grammy-nominated guitarist Alex Masi has been maneuvering his way through the shark-infested waters of the music industry since the 1980s. With an impressive catalog that includes everything from high-intensity instrumental rock to covering Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, he keeps things fresh with diverse projects that push his artistry forward. His latest release, Danger Zone, bridges

    DiPinto Mach IV

    Garage Days

    There are times when a traditional Strat or Tele won’t scratch a particular itch, and you need a retro plank with a specific look and sound to get the job done. The DiPinto Mach IV might be a choice for such situations. While its classic ’60s looks (inspired, of course, by the Mosrite Ventures model)

    Don Felder

    Don Felder

    Six-Stringed Summer Stock

    Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder is spending the summer with a few friends. On an extended tour with Styx and Foreigner in a package billed as The Soundtrack of Summer, Felder is truly enjoying himself. “Since I left the Eagles, I’ve been doing 50 to 60 shows a year,” he said. “Multi-headliners, summer festivals, casinos,

    Album of the Year

    From 2012 to the present — read about each Readers’ Choice Awards Albums.

    Frank Gambale Vintage Guitar magazine

    Frank Gambale


    Frank Gambale has had an amazing career playing the music he loves. From being the go-to guy for sweep-picking, and later replacing Al DiMeola in Return To Forever, Gambale drops jaws wherever he goes, and whether playing straight jazz, instrumental rock, or contemporary fusion, he plays from the heart and head. Gambale’s current project is

    Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s Family Album

    Darin and Brooke Aldridge’s Family Album

    Picture Perfect

    The husband-and-wife duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge are one of the hottest acts on the traditional bluegrass/Americana scene. The couple’s sixth release, Snapshots, is a musical scrapbook of contemporary bluegrass, traditional country and gospel tunes marked by spirited picking. We recently spoke to Darin about the album. What instruments did you use on Snapshots? A

    Joel McIver and Black Sabbath

    What Evil Lurks: The Complete History of Black Sabbath and Paranoid Super Deluxe Edition

    Black Sabbath gets the full coffee-table history treatment in this hardcover book by Joel McIver, providing excellent photos and recollections from the band. Most interesting is the early section on the quartet’s roots in grim, post-war Birmingham, and how they escaped to become the world’s greatest metal band. Tony Iommi also relates how he lost

    Robert Cray

    Robert Cray

    Four Nights Of 40 Years

    Five-time Grammy winner Robert Cray has always played serious blues. But, early on, he sidestepped a genre that would descend into pentatonic hackery in favor of brilliant songs, soul-drenched vocals, and emotional guitar playing. Cray is all about dark, passionate yarns and hypnotic groove. His current project, 4 Nights Of 40 Years, is a retrospective