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    Vinnie Moore

    Check out UFO’s Vinnie Moore jamming on “The Maze” and “Rain.” He’s using his Dean Vinman 2000 signature guitar running through an Analogman King of Tone into a Marshall JMP 100-watt head and an Engl 4×12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. Stick around for the end for a tour of Vinnie’s studio. Read our review of UFO’s “The Salentino Cuts” in the March issue of Vintage Guitar. READ NOW!!

    John Dopyera left National in 1929 to begin work on a secret project – a single-cone resonator guitar he believed superior to the Triolian. His instrument became synonymous with resonator guitars.

    Each year, Vintage Guitar asks fans to select Readers’ Choice winners for Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Player of the Year in four categories based on artists and recordings featured in the magazine. Included are selections for the VG Hall of Fame, which annually inducts two players, an innovator, and an instrument. Thousands of votes are tallied via the magazine’s traditional written ballot and online at VintageGuitar.com.

    Jake Shimabukuro

    Nashville Sessions

    The Hendrix of the ukulele proves he’s worthy of his title, jamming here with a power trio made up of bassist Nolan Verner and drummer Evan Hutchings. Jake Shimabukuro says he went into the studio for these sessions with no written songs and was playing with a drummer for the first time. The result is

    Nathan East


    Nathan East’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing in 40 years. Offered gigs with Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, and Daft Punk, he’s crisscrossed genres from pop to jazz. His smooth yet percolating bass lines have underpinned a generation of music. As a founding member of Foreplay, he has an indelible foot print within contemporary

    EHX’s Bad Stone Phase Shifter, C9 Organ Machine, and Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter

    Pedal Heaven

    When it comes to stompboxes, there are the standard go-to effects that every guitarist, whether a gigging musician or a bedroom noodler, seems to have in his or her arsenal. Then there are those pedals that push an electric guitar’s sonic possibilities even further into the stratosphere. Recently, three boxes from Electro-Harmonix landed on our

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    Ibanez PN1-NT

    Parlor for Pennies

    In recent years, the parlor guitar has exploded into popularity, reviving a 19th century instrument that was, as its name implies, played in the parlor – the small room used for entertaining guests or as a gathering place for family. In a diminutive space like that, guitarists didn’t need a booming, big-body guitar, hence the

    Keb Mo

    Keb’ Mo’

    Writing by Subtraction

    Keb’ Mo’s latest album, Blues Americana, nearly wrote itself. “Going in, I had planned to make a solo acoustic record,” he said. “I got the songs together, but felt it didn’t really hold up. So, I made the record like I wanted – started simple, with guitar and vocal and a click track, because I

    Walrus Audio Deep Six and Mayflower; Celestial Effects’ Cancer Wah the Fuzz?

    Walrus Audio Deep Six and Mayflower; Celestial Effects’ Cancer Wah the Fuzz?

    Trio of Tappers

    Stompboxes range from organic, transparent circuits that let a guitar’s natural tone shine through, to effects that intentionally color the signal with gobs of sonic insanity. This trio of pedals from Walrus Audio and Celestial Effects truly covers all of those bases. The Walrus Audio Deep Six, a studio-grade compressor in a little box, was

    Selmer Modele Jazz and Stimer M.10 Amp

    Electricfying Early Jazz

    In the 1930s, the quest for volume was the Holy Grail of guitar construction, as guitarists sought instruments to slice through the sound and fury of a jazz band. And when Django Reinhardt began playing his revolutionary jazz, he played it on a revolutionary new jazz guitar.

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive

    A Step Further

    Visual Sound’s H20 V3 Liquid Chorus & Echo and VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive Price: H20 V3 $199 (list); VS-XO $199 (list) Contact: www.visualsound.net Since bursting on the scene with its Visual Volume, Tennessee-based Visual Sound has earned a reputation for sounding great and for solid construction. The company has introduced the next step in its

    Eric Schenkmann

    Funk, Blues, and Thunder

    It’s been a quarter-century since the Spin Doctors broke out with “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” which catapulted the New York band to international prominence. The quartet of Eric Schenkman (guitar, vocals) Mark White (bass), Chris Barron (vocals) and Aaron Comess (drums) proffered a high-energy pop/rock that worked well in the early ’90s. Personnel changes

    GJ2 Arete 5-Star

    Monster of Rock

    Bergen Guitars ST and TL Price: $3,999 Info: www.gj2guitars.com. Grover Jackson is a name forever associated with classic metal and custom “superstrats,” thanks to Randy Rhoads and iconic bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Def Leppard, and Anthrax. Grover has moved on from the original Jackson brand (now owned by Fender), and is producing his own

    Steve Gunn

    Eyes On The Lines

    Drawing inspiration from a decade on the road, guitarist-singer-songwriter Steve Gunn’s debut for Matador Records chugs along like a handsome old train, ending up in a spot perhaps best described as an Americana Television (Television, as in the seminal 1970s New York City band, not the medium). It’s fresh rock-folk, with guitars gloriously at the

    Robert Cray

    Robert Cray

    Four Nights Of 40 Years

    Five-time Grammy winner Robert Cray has always played serious blues. But, early on, he sidestepped a genre that would descend into pentatonic hackery in favor of brilliant songs, soul-drenched vocals, and emotional guitar playing. Cray is all about dark, passionate yarns and hypnotic groove. His current project, 4 Nights Of 40 Years, is a retrospective

    2016 Readers’ Choice Awards

    Each year, VG asks readers to select Readers’ Choice winners for Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Player of the Year in four musical categories, based on artists and recordings featured in the magazine between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. Included in the annual vote are nominees for the VG


    Michael Schenker

    Acoustic Album, Electric Gear

    One of the most influential guitarists in hard rock history, Michael Schenker has imbued the music of UFO, Scorpions, and his own MSG with soaring, light-speed guitar solos. More recently, he released Gipsy Lady, an album by his Schenker-Barden Acoustic Project, one of several non-electric projects he’s working on, and he also maintains a brisk

    Melissa Carper and Sad Daddy

    Arkansas Bound and Fresh Catch

    With her bass making a dependable, rhythmic anchor, Melissa Carper sings like a bird soaring “where the wind blows high above the trees,” as Bob Dylan said. It’s tricky to wear both hats, but in her hands even a ballad like her own “Bedtime In Texas” has a heartbeat of a rhythm running underneath. Supported

    Three Larsons

    At first glance, these three guitars appear to be a straightforward collection of different sizes of the same model. A comparable set of three Martins would be a 0-40, 00-40 and 000-40. However, these are Larson Brothers guitars, and when it comes to Larson models, nothing is that simple. Aesthetically, these guitars are identical except

    Van Wilks

    Stormin’ out of Austin

    Texas-born guitarist/vocalist Van Wilks’ first new album in a decade, 21st Century Blues, is full of loud Texas tones. Born in Galveston, he grew up in Lubbock and Brownwood, “…and I’m still growing up in Austin!” he laughed. In 1964, Wilks’ father and uncle bought him a Tulio guitar and Alamo amplifier (with a Jensen alnico

    James Luther Dickinson

    I’m Just Dead, I’m Not Gone/Lazarus Edition

    Let’s get it straight from the get-go; Jim Dickinson was primarily a piano player. But he was also one of the great music makers of Memphis – which is saying a lot in a town whose lore included Sam Phillips, Stax’s Al Bell and Steve Cropper, the Ardent Studios and Hi Records crews, and many