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    James Patrick Regan Honors George Johnson and Taj Mahal!

    James Patrick Regan used his ’77 Gibson Les Paul Custom to play the main riff from The Brothers Johnson song “Strawberry Love Letter #23” in honor of George Johnson, who turns 65 today. He also dishes out a bit of “She Caught the Katy” by Taj Mahal (who is 75 today), then shows us the lead break from “Strawberry…” James’ guitar is running through an MXR Carbon Copy then into his ’70s Music Man 112 RD. His strings are Dunlop Super Brights, cable by George L’s. keep up with James HERE!!

    Jake Andrews in the VG New Gear Yearbook 2018

    Check out Jake Andrews and Eric Johnson jamming on the classic EJ tune, “Zap,” during this year’s Dallas International Guitar Show. Jake is playing a ’58 Gibson ES-335 through a ’68 Marshall 50-watt plexi with overdrive from a vintage Tube Screamer. They’re backed by Tommy Taylor on drums and Kyle Brock on bass. Then, Jake plays through a Sir Henry pedal built by Dustin Sears, who techs for him and EJ as well as Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Doyle Bramhall, II, and the Experience Hendrix Tour. In the New Gear Yearbook 2018, Jake talks about the music and players who influenced him most, and explains how his first setup was a classic Fender guitar and tweed amp!  The “Yearbook” is sponsored by Sam Ash Music Stores Music Stores. READ NOW!!

    PRS P22

    Split Personality

    PRS P22 Price: $6,092 (as tested, retail), $3630 (street) Info: prsguitars.com. While PRS has for several years offered a piezo bridge-pickup system in its Hollowbody models, it recently worked with LR Baggs to improve their collaborative piezo, and the end result is being offered for the first time on a production PRS solidbody. The P22

    Steve Gunn

    Steve Gunn

    Folk Rock’s New Visionary

    Steve Gunn’s Way Out Weather is a textured effort that takes cues from a diverse palette including John Fahey, Chicago blues, ’60s/’70s Americana, Philip Glass, world music, and improvisation. The Pennsylvania-born guitarist and songwriter offers a refreshing take on modern folk-rock. What were your main guitars on the new album? On “Milly’s Garden” and “Tommy’s

    Riversong Guitars Tradition One Performer

    Riversong Guitars Tradition One Performer

    New Tradition

    Riversong Guitars Tradition One Performer Price: $3,299 (list) Contact: www.riversongguitars.com Occasionally, a luthier’s innovation defines a new acoustic guitar sound. The Riversong Tradition One Performer blends modern build techniques, visionary design, and Canadian timbers to achieve a sonic profile as unique as Django’s Maccaferri or Bukka White’s National. On the surface, the Tradition One Performer

    Shooter Jennings, Ryan Bingham, and Various Artists

    Outlaw: Celebrating The Music Of Waylon Jennings

    Waylon Jennings, who died in 2002, would have turned 80 in 2017. He and compadre Willie Nelson still personify country’s early-’70s Outlaw movement, focused on gaining creative control of their records after years of letting Nashville producers call the shots brought only middling success. Given a chance to record their way, they finally found the

    SynapticGroove Snapperhead OD/Distortion

    SynapticGroove Snapperhead OD/Distortion

    Dirty Deeds

    With their first offering, Benjamin Harrison and Chrystal Gilles of SynapticGroove set out to fill the gap between heavy effects users and straight-into-the-amp players. Apparently, they’re on to something. They can already count Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow), Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), and Dan Boul (65amps) among fans of their Snapperhead Overdrive/Distortion. Lightweight, powdercoated, and

    Amptweaker’s FatMetal Distortion

    Amptweaker’s FatMetal Distortion

    Metal To the Pedal

    With all of the subgenres of heavy metal out there, it was only a matter of time before the pedal industry began tweaking its many circuits to meet the needs of discerning heshers everywhere. Such is the case with Amptweaker’s FatMetal Distortion – a variation on the brand’s TightMetal, but warmer and – according to

    Custom Kraft Red Fury

    Most guitar aficionados are comfortable with the notion of guitar brands being made by the company of the same name. But when it comes to guitars made by one company and sold by another, we frequently stray out of our comfort zone. Yet, some of the most significant players in American guitar history never actually

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    25 Most Valuable Basses

    Vintage Guitar is marking 25 years of publication with a year full of features. This month, using data compiled for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we continue the celebration with a list of the 25 most valuable basses. 1. 1960-’62 Fender Jazz Bass ($25,000 to $38,000 in custom-color finish) The holiest of Fender

    Ruppert Acouswitch and Basswitch IQ DIs

    Switching Up

    Ruppert Acouswitch and Basswitch IQ DIs Price: $600 each with gigbag Info: www.rmi.lu. Part DI, part preamp, and part A/B switcher all rolled into one pedal with a big emphasis on quality, versatility, and reliability, Ruppert Musical Instruments’ flagship Basswitch and Acouswitch share an 8.5″ x 6.25″ x 1.5″ heavy-steel chassis, Lehle actuator-style footswitches, Lehle

    Xaviere XV-950

    Jazzy Looks, Multi-Purpose

    Gibsonguildgretsch! Cumbersome as it may be in word form, Xaviere’s XV-950 gracefully combines attributes from the “big trio.” The XV-950 employs a classic Florentine cutaway body measuring a small-ish 15″ at the lower bout, 2″ thick at the edge, (25/8" at the arch), and is made with hand-laid laminated maple front and back. There is

    Martin 000-18HS

    The Martin 000-18HS

    According to Martin company records and research by late Martin Historian Mike Longworth, Cable Piano Company, in Atlanta, special-ordered at least three Martin 000-18HS guitars in 1937. Two others have previously emerged – serial numbers 67197 and 67198 – and this one recently found its way to Nashville for a Martin event featuring company historian

    The MXR M234 Analog Chorus and M87 Bass Compressor

    Opposite Ends

    MXR M87 Bass Comp and M234 Analog Chorus Price: $318 (M87 Bass Compressor), $170 (M234 Analog Chorus). Info: jimdunlop.com For decades, players in virtually every musical genre have been familiar with MXR pedals; the name connotes a solid road-warrior stompbox associated with great tones from ’70s through today. The Analog Chorus M234 is designed to

    Oz Noy

    Who Gives A Funk

    Fusion maestro Oz Noy expands his palette of influences by enlisting the help of a horn section and special guests. Noy basks in the funkalicious glory of instrumental ’60s soul. Jazz-rock Strat lines and slide comingle within blues and gospel changes, as lush horn arrangements and solos adorn vibrant production. His band includes drummers Chris

    Steinar Karlsen

    Nordic Surf Slinger

    Scandinavia is no stranger to good “instro” music. The past 60 years have produced guitar-fueled legends like the Spotnicks (Sweden), Jørgen Ingmann (Denmark), and Laika & the Cosmonauts (Finland). Hailing from Norway is Steinar Karlsen, a fine player who instinctively understands the guitar music of the early ’60s. On his new album, Tur, Karlsen covers

    The National Silvo Electric Hawaiian

    One of the most innovative companies of the pre-World-War-II era, National found out quickly that innovation was a double-edged sword. Just as their resonator guitars of the late 1920s made the acoustic Hawaiian guitars of Hermann Weissenborn obsolete, electric guitars of the mid 1930s – some of them made of National’s own making – threatened

    Fender Princeton feature

    The Fender Princeton

    1962 6G2 Fender Princeton Preamp tubes: One 7025, one 12AX7 Output tubes: two 6V6GT in fixed bias Rectifier: 5Y3 Controls: Volume, Tone, Speed, Intensity Speaker: one 10” Oxford 10J4 Output: approximately 12 watts RMS For the past couple decades the Fender Deluxe of the ’60s and early ’70s – in its several variants – held

    Ralph Towner, John Abercrombie Quartet, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Dewa Budjana

    My Foolish Heart, Up and Coming, Rising Grace, Zentuary
    Fusion Heros

    The ECM label is renowned for its brand of atmospheric jazz-fusion highlighted by gorgeous audio quality. Two of its guitar masters – Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie – have released new albums. An acoustic specialist, Towner’s new disc is all-solo guitar, either classical or 12-string, and delivers his brand of intoxicating fingerstyle improvisation. “Dolomitti Dance”

    The Fender Master Series

    Dan Smith had an idea – a solidbody guitar with routed chambers that would provide unique resonant tonal characteristics. And he knew the shape he wanted. In the early ’80s, Fender became interested in building instruments that would be viewed as high-quality alternatives to Gibson. Not copies, but highly playable guitars with versatile electronics and