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    Walter Trout

    Enjoy a bit of Walter Trout’s live set during last summer’s Fargo Blues Festival, and be sure to read our exclusive interview, in which he discusses recording his new album, “We’re All In This Together.” It’s in the January issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. READ NOW!!

    Vintage Voltage amplifier company


    Maurice Skogen started the Vintage Voltage amplifier company in 2012, after obtaining an engineering degree and playing guitar in blues/rock bands for 50 plus years. Vintage Voltage Engineering builds and repairs/restores classic tube amplifiers so you experience superior, inspirational tone! Mission statement: Quality should always be the first thing we think about and the last thing we sacrifice. vintagevoltageengineering.com

    Wolf Strat

    A Legend’s Guitar, Discovered

    WHO IS LIL’ BILL? That was the question swirling through the mind of guitarist/collector Tom Guerra after he acquired a 1963 Fender Stratocaster from a player who lived outside of Chicago. “The guy had bought the guitar at a garage sale 30 years prior,” Guerra recalled of the instrument, which he bought in early 2000.

    Ibanez M522S

    Ibanez M522S

    F-Style For Less

    Thanks to acts such as the Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, and the Punch Brothers, the mandolin is suddenly hip again, particularly among guitarists interested in expanding their stringed horizons. While the lower-end mando market is pretty crowded, the Ibanez M522S is one of the few F-style instruments in the price range. Certainly, pear-shaped “A-style”

    Donald Duck Dunn

    Donald “Duck” Dunn

    "Duck’s" Gaggle: The Basses of Donald Dunn

    Nearly every musician who plays popular music – be it soul, R&B, pop, or the others – has been influenced by Donald “Duck” Dunn. And certainly, every person who has listened to a radio since 1961 has heard his playing. The revered bassist, who passed away in May of 2012, provided the groove on some

    Martin OM-18 and 000-28

    What makes these two Martins remarkable is not necessarily their rarity or historical importance, though both would be welcome additions to any serious collection. Martin has offered sunburst finishes as an option since the 1930s.The earliest Martin catalog reference is a 1932 C-1 archtop with a “top shaded golden brown;” sunburst R-series archtops and dreadnoughts

    Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Model

    Tuna Bass

    Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Price: $699 (street) Info: www.epiphone.com. Rock-and-roll bassists of the ’60s like Paul McCartney, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, and Duck Dunn brought something to the game that succeeding generations continue to chase. On the West Coast, Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady was known for melodic flights thumped out

    Marshall Super Tremolo Model 1961

    The often-told story of Marshall’s birth as a re-creation of the tweed Fender Bassman rarely includes mention of this rendition of the JTM45. Whenever a discussion turns to how the circuit for the first JTM45 was lifted nearly point for point from that of Fender’s 5F6-A Bassman combo, it seems there’s always a caveat about

    Ray Cummins' latest lesson changes things up by mixing country, jazz, and blues.

    Ray Cummins – Guitar Tutorial #4

    Ray Cummins’ latest lesson changes things up by mixing country, jazz, and blues. He takes a simple chord progression, adds a melody, then bounces between chords and melody, adding a jazz progression on the bridge. Along the way, he shows how to play a few Chet-style licks/endings. Ray is using his Stevie Ray Vaughan signature Strat through his ’63 Fender Vibroverb. Keep up with Ray at http://raycummins.com.

    Gibson Wall-Board Guitar

    Out of the Woods, Off the Wall

    In the world of “guitarcheology,” it’s well-documented that the truly interesting stuff – prototypes, one-offs, custom instruments – usually surface close to the source. For instance, in the 1970s, Fender prototypes walked into guitar shops in Orange County, California. D’Angelicos are typically still within a few hours of New York City, as they were almost

    James Burton

    James Burton

    In rural Louisiana in the early 1950s, it was no small feat when a family scraping by to survive bought a new Fender Telecaster for their 13-year-old son, especially when that $280 had been set aside to buy a car so their father could stop thumbing a ride to work. Guy and Lola Burton, however,

    Fletcher Bright and Bill Evans with Norman and Nancy Blake

    Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us

      This jam session recorded in veteran fiddler Fletcher Bright’s living room in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, exudes a warmth, passion, and joyfulness that’s right in line with the old-time music, fiddle tunes, and bluegrass the quartet plays. Banjo man Bill Evans organized proceedings, rounding up old friends Norman and Nancy Blake. They cut these 16

    Tedeschi Trucks Band

    Live From The Fox Oakland
    All The Way Live

    Live albums can be a remedy for contract disputes or a way to stall for time during a creative dry spell. For Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, it’s really the best way to be heard on a recording. Live is their natural habitat. When they’re feeding off each other and the raw energy of an

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    Bohemian Boho Moonshine

    In The Can

    Here at VG, we see all manner of guitars – those made out of steel, graphite, even animal shells. But I’d never seen a guitar with a body made of a can until I saw a Bohemian Boho Series guitar. Obviously the novelty factor played a part in Bohemian’s decision to base a series of

    Jazz singer and bassist Esperanza Spalding performing at the North Sea Jazz festival 2012 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Photo: JBreeschoten/Wikimedia.

    Esperanza Spalding

    Emily’s D+Evolution

    Popularly known as that cute female jazz bassist with the Afro who bogarted the Best New Artist Grammy away from Justin Bieber in 2012, Esperanza Spalding’s new album is soul-jazz surrealism at it’s finest. Spalding courageously sidesteps the acid chick jazz of her female contemporaries. In its place is theatricality, poetry, joy, and the progressive

    Alday B-Blender

    Alday B-Blender

    One For The Masses

    Taylor 814ce Price: $129.95 (list) Info: www.b-blender.com Why aren’t we guitarists ever happy to have our guitars sound like guitars? We wanted to emulate a trumpet’s blare, so we invented the wah pedal. We had to have an organ’s warbling vibrato, so we cobbled together bizarre tremolo effects and rotating-speaker systems. And we wanted a

    Roy Buchanan

    Roy Buchanan

    Roy Buchanan The Life and Times of Roy Buchanan By Phil Carson Roy Buchanan and his battered 1953 Telecaster guitar got inside your head and grabbed you in the gut. He had eclectic musical tastes, an arsenal of techniques, a devotion to craft, and something to say. And he said it with soul. Those are

    Peekamoose Model 3

    Modern Retro

    There’s no shortage of cool, retro-looking solidbodies on the market today, from the big guys as well as the increasing numbers of boutique builders. Cool looks are great, but for any object to truly arouse passion, form must follow function. Built by Paul Schwartz in New York City, the Peekamoose Model 3 blends classic design

    Gary Clark Jr.

    Live North America 2016

    Gary Clark Jr. has brought back the soaring psychedelic blues-rock guitar solo. After a backlash of post-Hendrix overkill, replaced with severely articulate blues Nazi-approved Chicago and West Coast swing vocabulary, the pendulum is returning to the center – thanks to Clark. But that’s not all he does. Clark sings like he means it, and his

    Johnny Moeller and Mike Keller

    Two for T(-Birds)

    Every fan of blues music is familiar with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Founded in 1974 by two guys who would go on to become Texas musical legends, guitarist Jimmie Vaughan and vocalist/harpist/front man Kim Wilson, the band spent its first decade building momentum around the south before tasting international stardom in 1986, when their first album