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    Wolf Marshall Celebrates George Benson

    VG sends a birthday shout-out to George Benson with help from “Fretprints” columnist Wolf Marshall, who plays the jazzbo-axer favorite “Stella By Starlight,” which George recorded for the Tenderly album with McCoy Tyner. Wolf ’s using his ’66 Gibson Super 400CES formerly owned by George and played/shown on the covers of “The New Boss Guitar” and “It’s Uptown.” He’s plugged straight into a ’65 Fender Twin Reverb with Jensen speakers. Happy 74th, George! Keep up with Wolf at www.WolfMarshall.com.

    Kentucky HeadHunters’ Greg Martin Honors Chuck Berry

    Greg Martin says “Condolences to Chuck’s family from Vintage Guitar, The Kentucky HeadHunters and myself. We’re all students of Chuck Berry and we’re still learning. Chuck and his pianist Johnnie Johnson are back together again, the original rock n’ roll team. In honor of Chuck, I’m playing a few of his licks on a 1959 Gibson ES-345, straight into a 1966 Fender Champ.” Greg also remembers Chuck in his newest “Head Shop” online column HERE.

    God gave us rock n’ roll and Chuck Berry was one of His messengers

    Vintage Guitar magazine Presents Greg Martin's Head Shop

    This is a regular series of exclusive Vintage Guitar online articles where The Kentucky Headhunters’ Greg Martin looks back on influential albums and other musical moments. We have lost the poet laureate of rock n’ roll, Mr. Chuck Berry. The news came from St. Louis yesterday, March 18th, truly a sad day for music. As

    Rick Richards

    Bona Fide Sweet Southern Tone

    Rick Richards exudes sweet, classic Southern Rock tone like finely distilled bourbon. From his work with the Georgia Satellites, former Guns ’N Roses guitarist/songwriter Izzy Stradlin, and now The Western Sizzlers featuring Blackberry Smoke front man Charlie Starr, Richards’ playing is hot as ever. The Sizzlers dropped their debut record (For Ol’ Times Sake) in

    Gibson’s “Non-Reverse” ’Birds

    In the ’60s, Gibson strived mightily to meet the demands of players of all levels while also working to maintain its image as industry leader. One of its primary attempts at the latter involved the Firebird guitars and Thunderbird basses introduced in ’63. Marked by innovative neck-through construction, unique features and looks, the Thunderbird’s full-size scale

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    Top 50 Guitar Songs of the ’70s

    By the Readers and Staff of Vintage Guitar Vintage Guitar marked 25 years of publication with a year full of cool features that relied on feedback from readers who visit VintageGuitar.com. This month, we offer the results of a poll to determine what readers believe to be the 50 coolest guitar-driven songs of the 1970s.

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    Buzz Feiten

    Unsung Hero

    An unsung hero, accomplished inventor, and builder possessing priceless musical knowledge, Buzz Feiten’s list of session credits could fill a phone book – from Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King to Wilson Pickett and Etta James. But, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Woodstock alumnus remains a grounded, inspired, and prolific man whose status in music history gives

    Frenzel FM-DP1 Tube Preamp

    Old-School Bang Without Breaking the Bank

    For five decades after he built his first guitar amp in 1952, Jim Frenzel designed tube and solidstate equipment for the military, FAA, and Texas Instruments. But it wasn’t until 2001, after his retirement, that he returned to tube guitar amps. Frenzel’s philosophy is pretty straightforward; he designs and builds amps that easily dial up

    Mark Knopfler


    Very early in life, Mark Knopfler had a connection with music. His mother cared for the family while BBC programs like “Listen with Mother” played on the radio with its child-oriented stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. But it was an uncle named Kingsley who had the biggest impact on young Mark’s informal music education when

    1933 Gibson L-5 “Special”

    Though many collectors focus on instruments in fine original condition, every so often one emerges that, regardless of condition, is no less exciting than a paleontologist finding the “missing link.” Everything there is to know about the Gibson L-5 designed by Carl Kress can be learned from this example, with the model designation “Special” hand-written


    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model

    A Semi-Hollow For Joe

    Gibson ES-335 Joe Bonamassa Signature Model Price: $3,335 (street) Contact: gibson.com. The collaboration of Gibson and blues-rocker Joe Bonamassa began with a limited run of goldtop Les Paul’s in 2009, followed by a more-affordable Studio version and another Custom Shop version, the latter sporting a beautiful flamed-maple top. Gibson and Bonamassa have teamed up again

    Beyond the Parlor

    Beyond the Parlor

    Part One: The Guitar in Non-Anglo America

    Ed. Note: In this series, Tim Brookes attacks the common argument that the guitar in 19th-century America was small, quiet, and suitable only for young middle-class ladies playing in parlors. Part one explores what was arguably the most extensive and skillful guitar culture of the day – the generally forgotten guitar in non-English-speaking communities. The remainder

    Warner Hodges

    Warner Hodges

    In And Out of Scorcherland

    If your ear was at all tuned to “alt-country” (a.k.a. cowpunk) in the late ’80s or you were lucky enough to be informed of it in the years since, you’re aware of the path carved by Jason and Scorchers. Popularly associated with the wiry appearance and lead vocal of Jason Ringenberg and the Tele-through-a-dimed-Marshall tone

    Gibson Basses in The ’70s

    Gibson Basses in The ’70s

    Plucky Trio from the “Downer Decade”

    Guitar enthusiasts have long heard that the 1970s were the “downer decade” for Fender and Gibson, both of which introduced a few duds and struggled with quality control. Their travails continued until both were sold to new owners – Fender in ’85, Gibson in ’86. Exemplary of those unsuccessful instruments was a trio of solidbody

    Brian Ray

    From Blues to Beatles

    Brian Ray spent the last 11 years playing guitar as Paul McCartney’s side man. While such duty would be a career topper for pretty much any player, Ray is also thrilled about his new band, The Bayonets, and his forthcoming signature-model Gibson. How does one get a gig with a Beatle? Well, the gig came

    Will Lee

    Letter Winner

    Musicians being artists and artists needing to express themselves, it says something that Will Lee’s new album, Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions, is only his second in 20 years (his first was 1993’s Oh!). Mostly, it speaks to the fact that since James Brown is no longer with us, Lee may well now be the

    Magnatone Twilighter

    Magnatone Twilighter

    King of Vibrato

    Magnatone Twilighter Price: $2,249 (12″ combo, list) Info: www.magnatoneusa.com. Magnatone is dead, long live Magnatone! The original Magnatone amp company died in 1969 after several decades of making storied “Golden Voice” amps noted for their “real” vibrato effect. Buddy Holly played his Strat through one, Scotty Moore swore by his, and Neil Young remains a

    Kiko Loureiro

    Kiko Loureiro

    Metal-Fusion From Brazil

    “When I would play with musicians from the neighborhood, I noticed that my passion for Brazilian music was making me different from other guys,” explains guitarist Kiko Loureiro, a player who found his niche by combining his Brazilian heritage with his love of metal, shred, and fusion. His current album, Sounds Of Innocence, seamlessly blends


    Mike Matthews

    The Special Effect at Electro-Harmonix

    As a child of four, Mike Matthews’ mother taught him how to play classical-style piano. Formal lessons followed; the child took to the instrument, and performed at elementary-school concerts from the time he was in first grade. His interaction with the instrument led to one of his fondest – and most prescient – childhood memories;

    dunlop slash Way Vintage Guitar magazine

    MXR Slash Octave Fuzz SF01/Slash Cry Baby Classic SC-95

    Slash ’N Burn

    MXR SF01 Slash Octave Fuzz Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com Slash Cry Baby Classic SC95 Wah Price: $129 (street) Contact: www.jimdunlop.com MXR’s new Slash Octave Fuzz pedal employs three fuzz “flavors” – Sub-Octave, Fuzz, and Octave Up – that offer a palette of distinctive, utilizable sounds. The pedal, built with analog circuitry, true-bypass switching, and

    The Supro “Model 24”

    Okay, Zep police, sound the alarm and prepare to loose the hounds – we are finally about to lift the lid on the Jimmy Page amp. Well, maybe not the Jimmy Page amp, but almost certainly a Jimmy Page amp, and even this claim should be enough to get the keys clacking and the internet