Fuchs Offers Casino Series, Bruiser Bass Amps


Fuchs Audio Technology recently added the 4 Aces and Full House 50 heads and combos to its Casino Series of amps. The 4 Aces has a power stage using two 6SN7 octal preamp tubes and produces four watts push-pull into 4, 8, and 16 ohms. The Full House 50 uses two 6L6s for 50 watts. The amps have aluminum chassis, back lit logo, a 24-bit digital reverb with decay and level control, a set of effect loop patch jacks, an overdrive volume and tone control, separate gain controls for both clean and dirt channels, a full set of high-mid and low tone controls, and a two-way footswitch controlling gain and channel switching. The series is available in head and combos configurations.

Fuchs’ Bruiser bass amp produces 500 watts into 4 ohms, The Bruiser I is 1,000 watts into 4 ohms, and The Bruiser II has dual 1000 watt power amps for 2000 watts of total output. All Bruisers models share an all-tube front end using 3-12AX7 tubes with a regulated B+ and regulated DC filaments. They include a Gain control,  Hi/Low gain selector for active and passive basses, a Deep switch, and a Bright switch. The preamp uses passive classic Baxandall high and low controls, and a tube parametric midrange control with frequency and boost and cut level control. The amp has separate stage and DI master volumes. Learn more at fuchsaudiotechnology.com.

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