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Kentucky Thunder

'Bout Damn Time
Kentucky Thunder

Kentucky Thunder

First, this Kentucky Thunder has nothing to do with Rickey Skaggs’ band. And instead of bluegrass, they serve up hot-buttered white Southern soul, a la Delaney and Bonnie.

Since the band has four lead vocalists (Etta Britt, Vickie Carrico, Jonell Mosser and Sheila Lawrence – all of whom have angelic pipes), no song is carried by a single one. Rather, every song is shared, lending a fabulous opportunity to compare and contrast. And while none is a big star, all have worked as backup and harmony vocalists for stars inNashville. This is the first recording they’ve done as a group. Backed by a band that included Bob Britt on guitar, Randy Leggo on keyboards, and Steve Mackey on bass, the album captures a live performance atNashville’s 3rd and Lindsey concert club.

Eleven of the album’s 14 songs are originals; Britt’s “I Believe” has a solid gospel groove that chugs along. Carrico’s “Love is a Gift” is a bluesy torch tune with plenty of room for harmonizing. Mosser’s “I Don’t Care Who Knows” is more R&B anthem with a pulsing bass line. And Lawrence’s “Who’s Laughin’ at Who” is a classic rock/gospel/blues he-did-me-wrong revenge romp.

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