Carl Martin Contour & Boost

Pedals For All Occasions!
Pedals For All Occasions!

The Carl Martin Contour & Boost is a hybrid EQ pedal with two filters, a high pass, and a low pass crossed over at 440 hz. The company says it is specifically designed to change the sound of your instrument. Given its excellent filter characteristics, it makes a good tool for fixing many types of EQ problems.

Each filter has a sweepable frequency control 65 hz. to 440 hz/440 hz to 8 khz), and a gain control with 12 dB of gain. Unlike most graphic EQ pedals that have inherent phasing problems when boosting or cutting severely (and a generally sterile sound), the Contour & Boost’s filters are smooth and very musical.

This pedal has a long list of possible uses, from adding EQ to an amp with limited tone controls, as an acoustic guitar preamp, as a solo boost to add gain and note definition, to possibly even an active crossover/EQ in a bass rig.

Carl Martin Contour & Boost
Type Of Effect: EQ/signal contour pedal.
Features: Dual-filter, sweepable frequency control (65hz to 440hz/440hz to 8khz), and gain control with 12 dB of gain.
Price: $189.
Contact: East Sound Research, Raadmandsvej 24, DK-8500, Denmark, ph. 45-86-32-51-00, carlmartin.com.

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