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3rd Power Intros Dream Weaver Amp


3rd Power Dream Weaver3rd Power Amplification has expanded its Dream Series line of amps with the Dream Weaver, a 38-watt (switchable to 18 watts) head and combo. Designed to offer multiple iconic guitar tones, it introduces the company’s new Jump feature – front-panel normalized output jacks on each channel for creating tones and effects chains by combining both preamp channels. Other features include:

• Tweed/Blonde switch on the American channel, which selects between Fender-inspired 5F6-A and 6G6-B tones.

• Orange Glow switch on the British channel, which enhances gain and harmonics when selecting between classic Marshall-inspired plexi and hot-rodded tones.

• TubeMix vacuum tube-summing bus circuitry for mixing the channels, which enables in-phase audio signal mixdown, channel level balance, and isolation from channel crosstalk.

• NoiseRedux, which reduces hiss and hum while bolstering touch sensitivity and dynamic range.

• Global Presence control and insert-style effects loop.

• The ability to use 5881, 6L6, or the standard EL34 output tubes.

Other amps in the line include the American Dream, British Dream, and the single-channel Dream Solo heads and combos. All 3rd Power amplifiers are hand-built in the USA with point-to-point turret-board construction. For more, visit

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